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My (M)other

‘My (m)other’ is a project that grew out of a personal contemplation and reflection on the internal relationships within families. Mine, like many others (and, dare I say, almost all), hides uncertainty, suffering, problems with character and, as always, love. For years, my relationship with my mother, universally recognised by psychologists, artists, and others, encouraged me to reflect how the context in which people grow up influences us and how this context changes the way we see the world and how people relate to each other, not just within the family, but also in a much wider sense. After extensive research, I finally had things straight and was able to rid myself of certain demons from my past that would not let me recognise my father as an authority in the family, see my sister as the amazing person she is, without feeling guilty, and appreciate my mother as a separate person to me. These photographs are an ongoing project and for me are a way of getting over my past and starting to forge my own path in life.

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