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Core – Santa & Cole

Redesign of the offices of the SANTA&COLE company, based on the very product that they commercialise. Hence the CÔRE project, which studies the way in which each of the brand’s products is created and the importance that is given to the functionality of them all. This way, the central concept that the brand’s products communicate and that is sought to be conveyed to the redesigned space is the ability to emote with the simple.

The project aims to imbue the space with different attributes, such as a domestic, flexible and unexpected atmosphere. The project centres on a space defined as VITALITY CORE, the focal point of the design and of the functionality represented in the form of a library. Branching out from this are a number of spaces, such as the “Quiet Zone”, the “Connect Zone” and the “Focus Zone”, each one designed according to the changing needs of the employees.

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