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Fran and Frank

Frank & Frank is a progressive brand of tampons aimed at challenging the taboos and stereotypes surrounding menstruation, changing the perception of periods and, in the long term, achieving gender equality. The identity lies in the colour of blood and the message: “blood bless you”.
The tampons are made of organic cotton and are wrapped in ecological paper printed with different words that can be used to create menstrual poetry, a new way of making magnet poetry. Frank & Frank also revolutionises the buying of tampons as it offers individually wrapped products that are sold by the kilo in specialist concept and fashion stores, or they can be ordered to be delivered to your home instantly and every month using a mobile app, which also offers additional products such as pants for the period, beer and the feminist magazine Maze.

Using technology and design that represent the values of transparency and that further female empowerment, Frank & Frank turn tampons into a more accessible lifestyle product of value.

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