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Inside the Light

The project concerns an intervention in the offices of Santa&Cole, located in Belloch. First of all, we approached the project based on energy efficiency, economy, comfort and the rationalisation of spaces. Secondly, we were inspired by what Santa&Cole conveys: simplicity, warmth, balance and, of course, design.

With this in mind, we began by fitting the programme on a single floor, the ground floor. The central area houses the showroom, as well as spaces for meetings and for coming together. In the peripheral areas, we find the work spaces per se, including the cafeteria, conference room and individual offices.

As regards the first floor, we approached it as an open space, traversed by a structure made up of wooden panels and coloured strands, which would allow the hosting of all types of activities: relaxation, inspiration or, evidently, events. Sound accompanies us in this sensorama and generates sensations.

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