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Interconnected Aircare Home

In the project, we explored the future of air care solutions in the home, using the Internet of Things The aim of Zobele, our client, was to create values and new experiences for its users.

And that is what we did, using the following methodologies: market comparisons, people, user registers, trends analysis, ethnographic and in-depth interviews and surveys. We expanded the stakeholders’ map to include not only users in their homes but also communities, neighbourhoods, civil and social places and medical facilities. We identified business opportunities and we presented four future scenarios that cover olfactory and technological aspects:
1. Smells Standardization: record, personalise and choose your own smell.
2. Smart, Smarter, Smartest: the new smell operator chip.
3. Internet of Many Things: purify your life through a complete air care service.
4. Sharing is Caring: an ecosystem in which all applications are connected.

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