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La Envolvente at Santa&Cole

The central offices of Santa & Cole are situated in a park covering over 130 hectares 30 km to the north of Barcelona. Surrounded by greenery, the interior is designed for creative minds devoted to publishing the design that can move. Previously, it was a school and the structure of the building provides the perfect balance between open spaces and individual offices or tranquil meeting areas. To create a more flowing transition between these spaces, we have created a linear wooden membrane on the horizontal axis, which rises vertically to the second floor, where we have double-height openings. This membrane has different functions: it organises, exhibits products, creates and divides spaces – but at all times allowing other rooms to be seen – absorbs doors, window displays, niches, shelves and storage. There is a showroom and a museum on the first floor that can be visited by clients, architects, designers and students. The design reflects the corporate identity in its simplicity.

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