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Marró Terra

‘Marró Terra’ (Brown Earth) is a restaurant that evokes familiarity between those who cook and those who eat, cuisine capable of reflecting the roots of Mediterranean gastronomy under the concept of “sea” and “land”, offering local, seasonal, fresh, home-made and natural products.

The project is divided into different territories called “Macro Terras”, which are responsible for offering multiple activities for the enjoyment of their customers, featuring show cooking areas, bar, lounge, dining room, market and tapas bar. All united under a concept of directed circulation represented by the “sea”, while the colour brown from the “earth” (‘marró’ in Catalan) characterises a large part of the interiors through a range of natural materials such as terracotta, concrete, wood and wicker. This way, the sensations of crafts and naturalness of the project are accentuated even more.

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