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Enric Bricall Library Project

A team of researchers on the MIDI programme called “The Liberolas” received the commission to research into how the Enric Bricall library at ELISAVA could be relevant today and how it could be made ready for coming generations. After using an extensive range of tools based on research into trends, co-creation and organisational methodologies, the team found opportunities and proposed a long-term plan. With this Plan, The Liberolas proposed to help the Enric Bricall library adapt to the current and future needs of (1) connection and exchange of knowledge between the departments and disciplines at ELISAVA, (2) maintaining a (local) identity while adapting to a globalising society, and (3) promoting human-based design. In doing so, The Liberolas conceive the Enric Bricall library as the heart of ELISAVA, a school made up of a community of closely interconnected creatives.

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