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Sense Prèssec

‘Sense Préssec’* is a specialist distribution chain for organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables from Barcelona and its surrounding area. It operates in the city’s railway and metro stations through vending machines and physical stores.

With our service, users can make the most of their daily commute to shop without having to go out again after returning home. They are our conscious commuters, they move in the urban environment, they get about on public transport, they use new technologies and they look for ways of having a better quality of life, taking care of their health and food and integrating them in their daily routine.

The core of our brand is decontext, we take the possibility of a healthy product to an environment associated with speed, junk food and hustle and bustle. We are organic, local and sustainable.

*’SensePréssec’ is a play on words in Catalan. ‘Sense’ in this context means ‘No’, and ‘Préssec’ means ‘Peach’, but sounds like the word ‘Pressa’ which means ‘Hurry’, hence ‘No Peach/No Hurry’.

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