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‘UIUI’ is a project that aims to create a social environment of trust where goods are loaned or hired based on a collaborative and social structure.

In world terms, around 50 million tons of electronic waste is produced every year. It has been estimated that on average each inhabitant on the planet produces 3 kg to 3.5 kg of technological scrap every day.

The aim of this project is to change how we think when it comes to a preference for buying cheap items or ones with a short life (disposables) through the creation of an electronic goods loan and hire community, which in future can be scaled up to include all types of goods.

Our project is based on the connection or synergy between two users:
one who has a temporary need for a specific item and the other who has this item and the intention of loaning it free of charge, or hiring it for a specific sum. All in an environment that ensures the objects against damage and/or theft.

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