ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering annually gives the ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards with the aim to award the excellence of the best Master and Postgraduate projects, as well as to recognize, spread and award creativity, rigour and talent within the framework of the advanced training programmes in design.

With this, we want to motivate creativity among young designers, their academic path and dedication. At the same time, we also want to encourage the diffusion of their talent and competitiveness in society and industry related to design as a whole.

The mechanism of each edition of the Awards goes as follows:

  • Candidate projects are selected by the Directors of each one of the Master and Postgraduate programmes, among the works created by the most outstanding students.
  • Afterwards, students who accept this candidature must submit the materials stipulated on the Awards rules. This way a formal equilibrium between all projects is obtained, facilitating impartial valuation.
  • Next, a jury, formed by design professionals different in every edition and by part of ELISAVA‚Äôs admnistration, evaluates all submitted projects, taking into account the following evaluation criteria:

    • Creation of paradigms and exploration of new formats.
    • Innovation in the execution of the projects at a conceptual, formal, functional, productive, strategic, social and semantic level.
    • Suitability in the correlation between design and technology, answering to the needs and to the use value in the contemporary world.
    • Development of concepts with great communication ability
    • Respect and coherence regarding use, sustainability and use of new materials criteria.
    • Contribution of projects related to cultural values.
    • Competence of product, service and process reinterpretation.
    • Market feasibility of the submitted projects.
    • All material submitted by the students.
  • Finally, the jury gives 4 ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards, 1 Gold and 3 Silvers. The names of the winners are announced and they receive their Award during the Master and Postgraduate Graduation Party, which takes place in July.