2015 Edition

In their 2nd edition, the ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards still did not have an identifying name and, as in their debut, they kept using the name ‘ei! Awards Professional Edition’.

On the other hand, the involvement and interest of everybody towards the Awards increased considerably. So much so, that the number of projects presented doubled, compared to the previous edition, reaching the sum of 43 works by more than 100 students, in the 5 areas related to all the Master and Postgraduate programmes taught in ELISAVA.

In 2015, the jury that valued all submitted projects was formed by the following members:

  • Gracia Cardona
    Founder and Director of diarioDESIGN
  • Lluís Morillas
    Agencia Morillas
    CEO & Creative Director of Morillas agency
  • Guido Pabis
    Concept & Design Manager of Real Estate at Desigual
  • Ramon Benedito
    General Director of ELISAVA
  • Santiago Albert
    Director of ELISAVA’s Master and Postgraduate programmes