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Tailored Spring

After analysis of the Born district of Barcelona, the final shop window concept was composed. The accumulation and the layers of stories in the neighbourhood were the starting point for the project. Our interpretation of spring is the process of transition from winter.

MOISTORE is known for the authenticity and unique language of its design, which comes from the raw material and from how the designer applies it in their creations. This aspect is preserved in the creation of the ambience for the shop window. The materials used are inspired by the designer’s tools and the act of sewing. The variety ranges from rice paper to basic fabric together with aluminium.

Taking Maison Martin Margiela and the atmosphere of their stores as the reference, the background permits transparency, which shows the real identity of the store to the pedestrians passing by. The patterns are placed in a way that signifies progress and change and that has a final result, which is the piece of clothing.

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