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Clo – Essence in Every Stitch

“Essence in Every Stitch” is the concept that has been used in an intervention on the shop window of the CLO store, in Barcelona’s Born district, through an art installation that is distilled through the representation of knitting needles, telling us a local and sustainable story of arts and crafts.
To achieve the perfect harmony, a hanging piece in the shape of a cloud was designed that grouped together 30-cm long sewing needles hanging from hemp threads, created by a local artisan using recycled wood from a Barcelona mansion dating from 1837.

The adhesive vinyl on the glass of the window display reflects the origin of the pieces worn by the shop mannequin chosen as the centrepiece, with colours from the 2017 spring – summer season.
The final result conveys and recaptures the brand values: CLO is local design, it is slow fashion, it is organic and sustainable, it is #essence in every stitch.

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