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From the Ashes

The solution: the use of waste from renewable raw materials. This new glass discovers infinite supply chains by using waste which has no value so far: Wood ash from pizza bakeries and shells from seafood restaurants. Private wood-burning stoves are also a valuable source, and many more such as grills and fire pits have been tested. These renewable raw materials are available in large quantities in many cities and have so far been thrown away. Potassium carbonate can be extracted from wood ash. A forgotten flux that was used in previous years. Seashells consist largely of calcium carbonate and once formed some of the limestones. Finely ground they give glass the well-known durability.

The increasingly scarce material quartz sand has not yet been replaced. In contrast to concrete and other high consumers, glass can be recycled endlessly. It can even be ground to sand again, which means that the material is in a closed cycle if the additives are harmless. Unfortunately, many glasses are not. “From the ashes” is a 100% natural glass, free of toxic or limited additives and made for next generations.

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