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‘Junkrad’ is a remote-controlled car aimed at children between 5 and 10 years of age. The project brief consisted of designing a 4WD radio-controlled car capable of overcoming any obstacle and that can climb stairs. There are currently RC cars that achieve this through complex processes, and they are rather slow and fragile. Researching children’s needs and tastes, we realised that they were looking for speed and found very technical tools boring. We designed ‘Junkrad’ with a bumper in the shape of a wedge so that when it bumped into a step, this was forced upwards and, using its central caterpillar track, it was able to move up the stairs, all without stopping from pressing on the accelerator. The materials chosen for the car must be resistant to shocks and falls, so the bumper is made from flexible PVC, which will stop it from breaking with strong impacts, and a more rigid ABS body to maintain its structural integrity.

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