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‘Apeteat’ has been created in a city such as Barcelona to lead to a new concept of home-delivery food. Our project offers an alternative with personality and affection in the orders and the dishes, which are prepared by the chefs in their own homes.

Our service works using an app in which anyone can register, both to cook and to order food. This way, when you place an order on our app, you are giving an opportunity to a large group of people with culinary talent and enthusiasm who have decided to share their best dishes with the other inhabitants of their own city. With the comfort of being able to cook in their own home and during the timetable that they choose, ‘Apeteat’ offers all of these potential chefs a chance to make the most of their passion for cooking.

In addition, it is a fast and easy service as it is home delivery. ‘Apeteat’ takes care of taking the orders and delivering them to their destination.

‘Apeteat’ breathes passion, personality and, above all, real home-made flavour.

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