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To Live And Die in Venice

William Shakespeare and hip-hop mayseemcontradictory at firstglance. Butparallels are foundbetweenthesetwoelements of culture. In terms of artisticexpression, the use of wordplay, lyricism and rhythm are akin. Love, jealousy, violence and betrayal are commonsubjectmatters in both.

Influencedby hip-hop and Shakespeareantheatrical performances, “To Live and Die in Venice”isaninterpretation of “Othello” set in hip-hop´sgoldenage.

Theatmosphere of a playispresentwithseriftypefaces, tabulations and navigationelementscommonlyfound in scripts. Hip-hop isintroducedwithbattle rap lyricswhencharactersfacearguments. As thestoryheats up, highlights, violatedtext blocks and imagesreflecttheoffensive and blitz of battle rap environment.

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